ESGAUGE and Small Cap Institute (SCI) to Collaborate on Analysis of Director Compensation at Small-Cap Life Sciences Companies

September 10, 2019

The Small Cap Institute (SCI) commissioned ESGAUGE to collect data on director compensation for a group of small-cap Life Sciences companies and a control group of similarly- sized companies from a variety of business sectors. The research’s aims are twofold. First, to increase the availability of data on director compensation in a sector of the economy where such data collection is largely overlooked. Second to test the hypothesis that director pay in Life Sciences companies is generally above the median of the rest of the economy.

Amanda Gerut (a member of the editorial advisory board of SCI and associate editor of Agenda, a Financial Times publication focusing on governance issues) and Paul Hodgson (Senior Advisor to ESGAUGE) will co-author the study, which will be published in early 2020. Gerut will set SCI director pay in the context of the wider economy and Hodgson will analyze the results of ESGAUGE’s data collection and research. The issue, and our analysis and commentary, is already gaining traction on LinkedIn .

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