Our data-mining capabilities on top executive and director pay are unparalleled. We support compensation consultants and legal advisors seeking peer benchmarking information on SCT components, incentive plan design and metrics, and pay-for-performance.



Compensation elements from all proxy statement tables, including:

  • Summary Compensation Table (SCT).
  • Perquisites & benefits.
  • Plan-based awards
  • Pension and NQDC.
  • Outstanding awards.
  • Exercised options and vested stocks.
  • Targeted compensation disclosed in CD&A, including:
  • Agreement salary, future salary.
  • STI % of salary and targeted STI.
  • LTI % salary and targeted LTI.
  • Incentive plan analysis, including:
  • Incentive plan design
  • STI plan design practices, including purpose of bonus awards, deferral and payout types.
  • LTI plan design practices, including equity vehicles, purpose of awards, performance periods, post-performance vesting periods and payout types.
  • STI & LTI performance metrics, including:
  • Financial/Non-financial metrics.
  • Metrics weightings.
  • Corporate vs. business unit metrics.
  • Circuit breaker and growth metrics.
  • Thresholds, targets, maximums, and actual outcomes.
  • Comprehensive analysis on perquisite prevalence and actual payments, as disclosed in SCT footnotes and CD&A.
  • Stock ownership guidelines and retention policies
  • CEO pay ratio.


Director compensation plan, including:

  • Cash retainer
  • Board meeting fee
  • Stock awards
  • Stock options
  • Deferred compensation
  • All other compensation
  • Total targeted compensation.
  • Total actual compensation.
  • Supplemental compensation for board leadership, including:
  • Board chairman supplemental retainer
  • Lead (or presiding) director supplemental retainer
  • Supplemental compensation for board committee service, including:
  • Audit committee chair and members
  • Compensation committee chair and members
  • Nominating/governance committee chair and members
  • Other standing or special board committee chairs and members
  • Other features of director compensation policy, including payment of equity in addition to cash retainer and election to receive compensation in stock or stock options)
  • Stock ownership guidelines.
  • Stock retention policies.