July 15, 2020

ESGAUGE Powers Conference Board’s ESG Advantage Benchmarking Platform

The Conference Board launched today its brand-new ESG Advantage Benchmarking Platform, Powered by ESGAUGE —a full suite of custom benchmarking tools for public companies.

The platform covers data on executive and director compensation, board composition and diversity, anti-takeover policies and other governance practices, CEO succession, and shareholder voting. It is being further expanded to encompass environmental and social practices described in CSR reports, company websites, and other sources.

Matteo Tonello, Managing Director of ESG Research at The Conference Board, said in the press release: "Governance leaders have long relied on The Conference Board's benchmarking research on corporate governance and compensation practices to make sense of where they stand in a fast-changing landscape. The ESG Advantage Benchmarking Platform, Powered by ESGAUGE, brings these resources to the next level. Our member companies can visualize online emerging trends in real-time and, in a few clicks, zero in on highly granular competitive analysis down to the level of individual directors, proxy votes, and CEO succession events."

Our Senior Adviser Paul Hodgson added: "ESGAUGE is honored to be the data source behind The Conference Board’s ESG Advantage Benchmarking Platform. We are rightly proud of the depth and quality of our data, on everything from hard-to-locate governance practices to CEO pay, and it is a confirmation of that to have been chosen to power TCB's newest product."

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Read our joint press release.

Access the ESG Advantage Benchmarking Platform, Powered by ESGAUGE.