May 2, 2020

Financial Times Features ESGAUGE Data on 8-K Pay Reduction Filings

In an article published today, The Financial Times features ESGAUGE data on pay reduction announcements made by Russell 3000 companies in the aftermath of the Coronavirus crisis. The story, authored by Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson is titled “Majority of US Chief Executives Have Not Taken Pay Cuts, Research Shows.”

“US chief executives from United Airlines’ Oscar Munoz to Marriott’s Arne Sorensen have made high-profile pledges to forgo their salaries while employees bear the brunt of coronavirus-induced collapses in their companies’ revenues,” the Financial Times writes. “But new research suggests that they remain in the minority. Just 11 percent of the Russell 3000 companies have so far announced cuts to executives’ base pay...”

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