November 08, 2019

Reuters and Yahoo Finance Quote ESGAUGE’s Senior Adviser Paul Hodgson

An article published today by news agency Reuters and circulated online by Yahoo! Finance ESGAUGE Senior Adviser comments on the increasing investor scrutiny of director compensation plans. “Investors are also taking an increasingly feisty view of directors’ compensation, which is typically set by the board itself. A growing number of shareholder lawsuits are challenging big-ticket board compensation packages. As a result, more companies are expected to put these matters to a shareholder vote at company annual meetings, said Paul Hodgson, a compensation expert and senior adviser at ESGAUGE, a corporate governance data and analysis firm. ‘There's a certain amount of nervousness within companies about what they're paying directors,’ Hodgson said. ‘More attention is being paid to outliers than in the past.’”

November 8, 2019 News Post

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