April 24, 2019

Bloomberg Lawon the New Conference Board/ESGAUGE Study of Board Practices

Bloomberg Law published today an article on board turnover that discusses findings from the brand-new Corporate Board Practices in the S&P 500 and Russell 3000: 2019 Edition, a comprehensive benchmarking report published by The Conference Board and ESGAUGE.

“Many public companies don’t see board turnover unless a director retires. Some boards enforce mandatory retirement ages, usually in the 70s, and a few have term limits. But most boardsprefer having the flexibility to keep more experienced members, the study said. This lack of board refreshment is a barrier to recruiting more female and minority directors... It also means older directors continue to hold most board seats, despite a recent push to add younger, first-time directors. The research was conducted [by The Conference Board] in partnership with environmental, social, and governance data-mining firm ESGAUGE,” wrote Andrea Vittorio of Bloomberg Law.

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