September 1, 2016

ESGAUGE Launches Executive Compensation Dataset

ESGAUGE released today its Russell 3000 dataset on executive compensation. The suite is at the core of the help-desk service that ESGAUGE has designed to support the corporate advisory industry with empirical benchmarking research on CEO and executive pay.

The dataset extends to the entire Russell 3000 index of SEC-registered corporations and includes:

  • Compensation elements from all proxy statement tables—including Summary Compensation Tables (SCT), perquisites & benefits, plan-based awards, pension and NQDC, exercised options and vested stock.
  • Targeted compensation disclosed in CD&A—including agreement salary, future salary, STI % of salary and targeted STI, LTI % of salary and targeted LTI.

ESGAUGE is the premier data mining provider for the corporate advisory firm. We support compensation consultants, auditors and legal advisors seeking peer comparative information on SCT components, incentive plan design and metrics, and pay-for-performance analyses.

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